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These posts are small bits of information for applications that I feel are worth noting.

Nano is a pretty simple text editor. I only have a few customization options with auto-tabbing and word wrap.

My Configuration

[user]$ nano ~/.nanorc
# disable word wrap
set nowrap

# default tabs are too big - shrink to 4 spaces
set tabsize 4

# scroll only one line at a time
set smooth

# maintain tab indent on new lines
set autoindent

Setting Options at Runtime

-T cols (--tabsize=cols)

– Set the size (width) of a tab to cols columns. The value of cols must be greater than 0. The default value is 8.

-w (--nowrap)

– Disable wrapping of long lines.

-S (--smooth)

– Enable smooth scrolling. Text will scroll line-by-line, instead of the usual chunk-by-chunk behavior.

-i (--autoindent)

– Indent new lines to the previous line’s indentation. Useful when editing source code.

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