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Not much technical writings here – just my opinion on some tech-related topics.

Relax SSH Security Settings for Select Connections

I do a lot of lab setups on my internal network, which means that there is a lot of tearing down and rebuilding machines. That’s pretty easy to do with a deployment server, but I often re-use the same hostname. SSH doesn’t like that. This is because the server fingerprint changes when I re-build a VM with the same hostname. If this was a production server, and the fingerprint randomly changes, then yes, this is an issue to look into. But in a lab environment…who cares?

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My Mobile (and Virtual) Deployment Lab Powered by VirtualBox

When I built my ESXi server, I learned how to deploy Ubuntu over the network using PXE and preseed files. I found it invaluable in quickly creating VMs for testing whatever I felt like tinkering with.

Over the summer, I was pressured to not have the G5 running 24/7 because of the excess heat. I have a Core i5 / 8GB RAM laptop that I figured I would put to good use. I added a high performance SSD in the optical drive bay (who uses CDs/DVDs and more anyway), and installed Virtualbox on top of Windows 7.

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