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I build up and tear down servers often for testing and development. I use Puppet to assist with bringing up servers quickly. Using Puppet with Debian preseed files allows me to spin up a VM, walk away, and come back to a fully configured box – super cool!

Server (Puppetmaster) Installation

[root]$ apt-get install puppetmaster

To enable the general file server, uncomment the below section in /etc/puppet/fileserver.conf.

  path /etc/puppet/files
  allow *

Puppet Server Certificate Commands

List certificates waiting to be signed

[root]$ puppet cert list

List all certificates

[root]$ puppet cert list -all

Sign a client certificate

[root]$ puppet cert sign hostname.example.com

Sign all waiting certificates

[root]$ puppet cert sign --all

Clean / Purge existing certificate

[root]$ puppet cert clean hostname.example.com

Client Installation

[root]$ apt-get install puppet

Enable the puppet service on Ubuntu 12.04.

[root]$ sed -i s/START=no/START=yes/g /etc/default/puppet

Enable the puppet service on Ubuntu 14.04.

[root]$ puppet agent --enable

Puppet Client Commands

Run once in debug, verbose mode

[root]$ puppet agent --no-daemonize -v --onetime

Purge client certificates; rejoin to same puppet server

[root]$ rm /var/lib/puppet/ssl/*/*.pem

Purge client certificates; join to new puppet server

[root]$ rm /var/lib/puppet/ssl/*/*.pem
[root]$ rm /var/lib/puppet/ssl/crl.pem
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