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Posts here are mostly step-by-step guides on how to replicate something I have set up in the past. Read over my About page to see how I show commands/output and read the disclaimer.

CentOS 6 Deployment Server

This guide is an amendment to the Ubuntu Deployment Server. This guide assumes that you have a server similar to this setup. If you need to go through that guide first, you only need to complete up to Checkpoint Two.

To clear up any potential misleading in the title, this server is powered by Ubuntu 12.04, but will have the ability to deploy CentOS 6 to PXE clients. Why? Because I did that one first. No sense in re-inventing the wheel.

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Nagios 4.x Install from Source on Ubuntu 12.04

I do not have Nagios 4.x on any production boxes yet, but I want to keep track on how this is working on Ubuntu 12.04. Apparently Nagios Core wasn’t well tested for Debian systems if at all. But in any case, it can be installed with a couple modifications.

This guide is going to be very similar to my guide on Nagios 3.x.

Update: Are you already on Ubuntu 14.04? Head on over here for the latest guide.

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Ubuntu 12.04 – LTSP Server

The Linux Terminal Server Project is a great way to give old machines new life. LTSP (usually) consists of a single server that network boots several clients. These clients run the OS and most applications off this main server, so your client machines can be old hardware, thin clients, etc. Setting it up is pretty easy and only takes a couple steps beyond the initial operating system installation.

This guide assumes some existing knowledge of Ubuntu 12.04, network interface configuration, dnsmasq, and PXE.

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